A New Introduction


Yep, I said it, "Priorities".

This is where it begins.  Believing in myself and what I put into words for people to read.  And the words that put things together such as delicious recipes; breakfasts, soups, appetizers, meals, desserts & more!

I hope you'll find something you enjoy here; maybe a new recipe for a cake or one for a special dinner for friends or family!

Maybe you'll pick up a tip or two about measurements or how to tell if your cookies are done to perfection!

So, here I will begin!

Read, enjoy, but most of all EAT!


  1. I got a kitchenaid for christmas and i'm so excited to use it.
    Welcome back lady!

    1. I LOVE my Kitchenaid! I don't know what I would do without it honestly! I use it for everything from cookie dough to whipping up some mashed potatoes! It's an essential. I know you will love yours too!

      Thanks for the warm welcome back!


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